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William CrookeWilliam Crooke
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Physics-One Liners



1-Atom is the smallest particle that takes part in the chemical reaction.


2-Atoms of the same elements are identical in all aspects.


3-Mass is neither created nor destroyed during physical or chemical changes. This statement explains ‘The Law of Conservation of Mass’.


4-Thomson’s model of atom is popularly known as Plum pudding model


5- Thomson’s atom model can be compared to the watermelon


6-In water, hydrogen, and oxygen are in the ratio by mass 1: 8


7-The same proportion of carbon and oxygen in carbon-dioxide obtained from different sources proves the law of definite proportion


8-Anode rays are made up of positively charged particles.


9-The positively charged particles obtained from Hydrogen gas are called protons


10-The relative charge of an electron is -1


11-The relative charge of the proton is +1


12-Proton can be defined as Hydrogen ion


13-Protons are discovered by Goldstein


14-The another name of anode rays is canal rays


15-The fluorescent material used in the cathode ray tube is Zinc sulfide


16-The negatively charged particles are electrons


17-John Dalton proposed atomic theory in 1803

John Dalton
John Dalton








18-Air is a poor Conductor of electricity


19- Dalton is known as a ‘Meticulous Meteorologist’.


20-The discharge tube experiment was first done by William Crooke.

William Crooke
William Crooke







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