Polity – Lok Sabha Speakers In India

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Lok Sabha Speakers in India -

Name                                                       Tenure                                Political Party



1- Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar (15-May-52 to 27-Feb-56)      Indian National Congress


2-    M. A. Ayyangar ( 8-Mar-56 to 10-May-57)               Indian National Congress


3- Sardar Hukam Singh ( 11-May-57 to 16-Apr-62 and 17-Apr-62 to 16-Mar-67 )Indian National Congress


4- Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 17-Mar-67 to 19-Jul-69      Indian National Congress


5- Gurdial Singh Dhillon 8-Aug-69 to 19-Mar-71 and 22-Mar-71 to 1-Dec-75 Indian National Congress


6- Bali Ram Bhagat 15-Jan-76 to 25-Mar-77                     Indian National Congress


7- Neelam Sanjiva Reddy 26-Mar-77 to 13-Jul-77                             Janata Party


8- K. S. Hegde 21-Jul-77 to 21-Jan-80                                                   Janata Party


9- Balram Jakhar 22-Jan-80 to 27-Oct-84 and 16-Jan-85 to 18-Dec-89     Indian National Congress


10- Rabi Ray 19-Dec-89 to 9-Jul-91                                                           Janata Dal


11- Shivraj Patil 10-Jul-91 to 22-May-96                           Indian National Congress


12- P. A. Sangma 23-May-96 to 23-Mar-98                        Indian National Congress


13- G. M. C. Balayogi 24-Mar-98 to 19-Oct-99 and 22-Oct-99 to 3-Mar-02 Telugu Desam Party


14- Manohar Joshi 10-May-02 to 2-Jun-04                                                Shiv Sena


15- Somnath Chatterjee 4-Jun-04 to 31-May-09              Communist Party of India


16- Meira Kumar 4-Jun-09 to 4-Jun-14                           Indian National Congress


17- Sumitra Mahajan 5-Jun-14 to Incumbent                       Bharatiya Janata Party

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