Polity One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Polity One-Liners for various competitive examinations



Thank You for landing the Polity section page.

Here are some important Polity one-liners for students competing for various exams


Watch some of the important Polity Bits below.

1-The President of India appoints the Prime minister of India 

2-The Constituent Assembly (July 1947) adopted the National Flag of India

3-Since 26 January 1950 India became a Republic

4-Jawaharlal Nehru set forth the main objectives of the Constituent Assembly in the form of the Objective Resolution

Jawaharlal Nehru
Jawaharlal Nehru

5-Lord Mountbatten was the first Governor- General of the Indian Dominion (Independent India) 

6- Panthera tigris is the scientific name of National Animal –tiger–of India

7-The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in India

8-If a Panchayat is dissolved, elections are to be held within Six months 

9-G.V.Mavalankar was the first lok sabha speaker

10-The article of Indian Constitution related to the abolition of Epithet is  Article 18.

11-Andhra Pradesh was the first linguistic state to be created.

12-Dr BR Ambedkar founded the Republican Party of India

BR Ambedkar
BR Ambedkar

13-In Canada, China and India federations, residuary power rests with the center.

14-Article 350A of the Constitution provides that it shall be the endeavor of every state to provide an adequate facility for instruction in the mother tongue at the primary stage of education.

15-Article 368  of Indian Constitution deals with amendment procedure.

16-A person arrested and/or detained by Police, has to be produced before nearest Magistrate within 24 hours period.

17- The USA accepted the policy of Dual Citizenship

18-The Speaker of Lok Sabha can resign his office by addressing his resignation to the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

19-The oath of office is conducted to the President by The Chief Justice of India

20-The first finance commission was constituted in 1951

21-The first President of Independent India hails from Bihar    

22- Parliament has the authority to remove the Vice-President from his office before the expiry of his term


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