Sports- One-Liners- for various competitive examinations

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Sports- One-Liners- for various competitive examinations

Thank You all for landing on the page of Sports.

The subject Sports plays an important role in various competitive examinations conducted by various organizations.

Sports One-Liners help a lot.

It plays an important role in various competitive examinations conducted by various organizations.

The bits help a lot.

 Some of the Sporting events -One Liners are as follows

1- Golf was invented in Scotland. Although its name is originally Dutch, the game of golf is believed to have been invented in Scotland.

2- Golf is played on a large, grassy area called a course.


3-A standard golf course has 18 holes, but some courses have only nine holes.

4-The first world championship event for any sport was for billiards. It was held in 1873.

5- Figure skating sport was the first to be made an event in the Winter Olympic Games. It was named an official sport of the Winter Olympics in 1908.


6-Germany hosted the 2006 FIFA World Cup football competition. The winner was Italy.

7-In 1930, FIFA organized the first World Cup series.

8-The Super Bowl, the professional American football championship game, was first held in 1967.

9-The Olympic flag has five linked rings representing the five parts of the world joined by the Games: The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


10-The first Olympic Games, for which there are written records, took place in Greece in 776 BCE.

11-The first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece.

12-The International Olympic Committee (IOC) runs the modern Games. The IOC is a permanent organization founded in Paris in 1894.

13-The Summer Games and the Winter Games are held once every four years.

14-International cricket matches are of three types: Test, one-day, and 20/20. The game is between two teams of 11 players each.

15-A leg bye is a run that is scored in cricket when the ball is deflected off a batter’s body, allow batters to change places.

16- All Out term is applied when all batsmen have been dismissed.

17-In 1975 the first World Cup of cricket was played in England.

18-Baseball is a nine-player game involving throwing and hitting a ball. It is one of the most popular professional sports in the United States.


19-The first Asian Games competition was held in Delhi, India, in 1951.

20-A googly is a kind of delivery featured in the game of cricket.

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