Geography -Ocean Currents – Pacific ,Indian Ocean,Atlantic Ocean

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Ocean Currents

Pacific Ocean Currents


1- Equatorial Current (Warm)

2- North Equatorial Current (Warm)

3- South Equatorial Current (Warm)

4- Peruvian Current (Cold)

5- Kuroshio or Japan Current and W Winds drift (warm) Current (warm)

6- California Current (Cold)

7- Oyashio or Kuril Current (Cold)

8- South Pacific Current

9- East Australian Current (Warm)


Indian Ocean Current

1-Equatorial Centre Current (Warm)

2- South Equatorial Current (Warm)

3-Mozambique and Agulhas Current (Warm)

4- Monsoon Current (Warm)

5-South Indian Current (Cold)

6- West Australian Current (cold)


Atlantic Ocean Currents
1-Benguela Current (Cold)
2- South Atlantic Current (Cold)
3-Brazil Current (Warm)
4- Labrador Current (Cold)
5-North Equatorial Current (Warm)
6-South Equatorial Current (Warm)
7-Gulf Stream (Warm)
8-3.Equatorial Counter Current or Guinea Current (Warm)
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