Geography – Races and Tribes

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Races and Tribes


* The people of the world have been classified into five racial groups according to Anthropologists .

* They are Caucasoid (White), Mongoloid (Yellow), Negroid (Black), Australoid (Black) and Hottentots and Bushmen of the Kalahari.

* Hottentots and Bushmen are two major groups of Negroids.

Groups of people identified as tribes. Some of these are as follows –

* Amerinds: People of mixed Indian and European blood in North America.

* Aborigines: The term is generally used to refer to any original people of a region. It is specially used to

denote the original inhabitants of Australia.

* Bedouins: Nomadic tribe of Arab Stock in Africa and South West Asia.

* Bantus: Negroes of Central and Southern Africa.

* Berbers: Tribals of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

* Bindibu: Natives of Western Australia.

* Bushmen: Tribal inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. They are excellent stalkers and hunters.

* Eskimos: natives of the Tundra region (very cold high latitude areas) in Canada and Greenland.

* Finns: People of European Tundra.

* Gaucho: Nomads of the Pampas in Uruguay and Argentina.

* Hottentots: One of the original races inhabiting tropical Africa.

* Hamites: Dark Skinned Muslims in North West Africa.

* Kirghiz: People of the Steppe type region in Asia.

* Kikuyu: A tribe of East Africa.

* Lapps: People of the European Tundra.

* Mulattos: People of Mixed European and Black blood inhabiting South America.

* Masai: A Negro tribe of East Africa.

* Maoris: The original inhabitants of New Zealand.

* Mestizos: People of Mixed Indian and European blood in South America.

* Papuans: Tribals of New Guinea.

* Pygmies: Extremely short statured people of the Zaire Basin in Africa.

* Red Indians: Aborigines of North America.

* Semites: Jews and Ethiopians.

* Samoyeds: People of the Asiatic Tundra (Northern Russia).

* Tartar: A mixed group of people in Siberia.

* Yakuts: People in the Tundra region in Russia.

* Veddas: The racial stock of Sri Lanka.

* Zambos: People of mixed Black and Indian blood in South America.

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