Geography – The Polar Regions – Eskimos

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The Polar Regions


1-Polar region is vert cold , only ice and snow can be seen.

2-The region which lies near the poles is called the polar region.

3-The boundary of polar region is called Arctic Circle.

4-The northern part of the continents within the polar region is known as Tundra.

5-Tundra region is almost dark throughout November, December and January.

6-The sun begins to shine in Tundra around February and March.

7-The sun does not rise overhead , it just hovers a little above the Horizon.

8-The horizon is the place where earth appears to meet the sky.

9-Due to the cold, the upper soil surface of the region is frozen into a rock like state all through out the year.This is called Permafrost.

10-Polar region is the home of Eskimos.They live in the scattered settlements in Greenland,Canada, Alaska and Siberia.

11- Eskimos means snow shoe -netter.

12-The Eskimos are descendants of Siberia.

13-There are three main languages of Eskimos- Aleut, Yupik and Inupik.They are spoken from Northern Alaska to Greenland.

14-Eskimos depend on hunting and fishing activities.

15-Meat,Fat and Fish make up a large part of the Eskimos activities.

16-The Eskimo wears boots called mukluks , trousers and hooded jackets called parkas-all made of animal skins.

17-All Eskimo groups believe in a supernatural power called Sila and spirits.

18-Wrestling,racing , harpoon are some of the recreations of Eskimos.

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