Polity- One Liners

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Polity-One Liners


1-The first attempt by Indians to write a Constitution to India was done by a Committeeheaded by Motilal Nehru, which is known as Nehru Report.

2-The plan of setting up of a Constituent Assembly to draw up the future Constitution for Indiawas given by ‘The Cabinet Mission Plan’.

3-Dr.B. R. Ambedkar is the person fondly known as the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution.

4-The idea of the Constitution of India was flashed for the first time by M. N. Roy.

5-Americaand Britain are the best example for the Federal and Unitary Governments.

6-From USSR Constitution was a concept of a 5-year plan borrowed into our Constitution.

7-First attempt in world to constitute a Constituent Assembly to frame a Constitution was made by America.

8-The members of the Constituent Assembly were Elected by Provincial Assemblies.

9-Socialist word was added into the Preamble of the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment Act, 1976.

10-The procedure of Amendment to the Constitution is borrowed from the Constitution Of South Africa.

11-First Law Commission was appointed in India for codification of laws under the Chairmanship of Lord Macaulay.

12-Charter Act of 1833 created for the first time in India- Government of India.

13- Robert Clive started Dual Government in Bengal.

14-Charter of 1726 empowered the British Governors of Presidencies to make Bye-Laws, Rules, Regulations in conformity with the British laws.

15-During Medieval India, Cholas kings first established ‘Local Self Government’.

16- Grama is not a Democratic Institution of the Rig Vedic era.

17-Warren Hastings is the first Governor General of Bengal.

18- The Regulating Act, 1773 created for the first ‘The Supreme Court’.

19-The Regulating Act, 1773 is the first written document in the Constitutional History of India.

20- Charter Act of 1853 made the beginning of a Parliamentary System in India.

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