History- One Liners

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History- One Liners


1-Under Government of India Act, 1858, the Crown of England took the affairs of the Government of India into its own hands.

2-Government of India Act, 1858 made the beginning of Electoral System in India.

3-The Cripps Proposal was referred as ‘Post Dated Cheque’.

4-Indian Councils Act, 1861 for the first time gave an opportunity for Indians to enter into the sphere of Legislature.

5-The Governor General of India was also the representative of British Crown to Princely States in India and hence was known as the Viceroy of India.

6-Charter Act of 1853 made the beginning of a Parliamentary System in India.

7-Government of India Act, 1919 made the Indian Legislature Bi-cameral for the first time.

8-Indian National Congress started ‘Quit India Movement’ after the failure of Cripps Mission.

9-The famous Dandi March laid by Gandhiji was against Salt Tax.

10-Law making procedure, Parliamentary System of Government, Rule of law features were borrowed by the Indian Constitution from the British Constitution.

11- Cabinet Mission Plan rejected the demand for the independent Pakistan.

12-Gandhiji gave a call to all Indians ‘Do or Die’, which is popularly known as Quit India Movement.

13-Partition of British India into two independent nations India and Pakistan was done according to Mountbatten Plan.

14-The Government of India Act 1935 provided for Establishment of Federal Court, Diarchy at Center, Provincial autonomy.

15-The Federal features of the Indian Government was introduced by the Government ofIndia Act, 1935.

16-The Act of 1935 abolished Diarchy in the Provinces.

17-The Constituent Assembly of India was created as per the proposal of Cabinet Mission.

18-The Cripps Mission come to India in 1942.

19-The Constitution of India was enacted by a Constituent Assembly set up Under the Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946.

20-The Constituent Assembly set up under the Cabinet Mission Plan had a strength of 389.

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