Agriculture- One Liners

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Agriculture- One Liners

*   Rice is a tropical crop

           * In Commercial farming, crops are raised on a large scale

  • Shifting agriculture in Brazil is known as Roco.
  • Wheat is a Temperate crop.
  • The most intensively cultivated areas of the world are lowlands.
  • Coffee needs dry Conditions during harvest time.
  • Milpa means shifting Agriculture in Central America.
  • Commercial farming is common in North America.
  • The Indian Institute of Horticultural Research is located at Bangalore.
  • National Research Centre for Grapes is located at Pune.
  • All India Coordinated Research Project on Tropical Fruits is located at Bangalore.
  •  In 2002 National Seed Policy was announced.
  • Maximum wool produced in India is of Carpet grade.
  • Karnal Bunt affects cereal crop Wheat.
  • All India Coordinated Research Project on Sub-Tropical Fruits is located at Lucknow.
  •  National Research Centre for Citrus is located in Nagpur.
  • The Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture is located at Lucknow.
  •  Maximum Jute mills in India are in Private Sector.
  • Mulberry variety accounts for the maximum production of silk in India.
  • Sant Kabir Award has been launched for the people who are related to Handloom industry.
  • White rust is an important fungal disease of Mustard.

  •  HD 2967 is the new high yielding variety of Wheat.



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