Biology- One Liners

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Biology-One Liners


1-Structural element of cell wall is Microfibrils


2-Besides cellulose microfibrils, the other two cell wall networks are Pectic and glycoprotein


3-Pits are depressions in secondary walls.


4-Ripe fruits soften due to partial solubilisation of pectic compounds


5-Plasmodesmata were discovered and named by Strasburger








6- Secondary wall component of the cell wall is normally in contact with the plasmalemma


7-The structural material of fungal cell wall is Chitin


8-Primary wall grows by Intussusception


9-Hardness of woody tissue is due to Lignin


10-Glycocalyx is Oligosaccharide part of glycolipids and glycoproteins


11-The first wall layer of cell is Primary Wall


12-Middle lamella occurs outer to primary wall


13-Part of endoplasmic reticulum present in a plasmodesma is called Desmotubule


14-Plant cells are distinguishable from animal cells in containing Cell wall

Plant cells
Plant cells






Animal cells
Animal cells







15-E.R. was discovered from Liver cells


16- Endoplasmic matrix part of protoplast shows streaming or cyclosis


17-Cyclosis is caused by activity of Microfilaments


18-A ribosome is composed of two subunits


19-Lysosomes originate from Golgi apparatus


20-Golgi apparatus cell organelle is involved in formation of saliva, tears, and sweat.


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