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sea shellssea shells
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General Awareness- General Science

1-Cytology- Branch of biology dealing with structure and function of cells.

2-Endocrinology- The study of glands.

3-Embryology- It deals with the development of embryos.

4-Epistemology- Study of the nature of knowledge.

5- Ethology-The study of mental and physical differences in mankind.

6-Eschatology-The study of death and destiny.

7-Etymology- Study of the origin and history of words.

8-Epidemiology-Branch of medicine dealing with epidemic diseases.

9-Ecology- The study of a relationship between the organisms and their environment.

10- Cytogenetics- The study of inheritance in relation to the structure and function of the cells.

11-Craniology- The study of skulls.

12-Conchology- The study of sea shells.

sea shells
sea shells

13-Eugenics- It deals with the hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding.

14- Entomology- The study of insects.

15-Dendrology- The study of trees.

16-Dactylology-  The study of finger prints.

finger prints
finger prints

17-Dietetics- It is the science of diet and nutrition.

18-Dermatology-This is a branch of medicine dealing with skin.

19-Chorology-The study of geographical areas; plants and animals distribution.

20-Cosmology- The study of the universe, its origin, nature, structure, and evolution.

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