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Chetan Bhagan
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General Awareness-One Liner-Sept 20, 2017

1- First World Conference on Tourism for Development held in Beijing

2-MDR stands for Merchant Discount Rate

3- ‘Wealth of Nation’ book Author is Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

4-Dada Sahab Phalke 2016 awardee is Manoj Kumar

5- NRI DAY is celebrated on January 9

6-VERIZON has acquired YAHOO for $4.83bn

7-Direct benefit transfer of LPG comes under PAHAL scheme

8- BPL stands for Bankers Professional Liability

9-Nobel Peace Prize winner 2016 is Juan Manuel Santos

Juan Manuel Santos

10-PIN– Personal Identification Number

11-Basel norm related to Banking

12-World’s tallest and longest glass bridge has been opened in China

13-Gobind Sagar Dam is situated in Himachal Pradesh

14-Hurricane Matthew has hit Haiti

15-Noble prize in economics 2016 goes to Olive Hart and Bengt Holmstrom

16-Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November

17-Shooter Jitu Rai has been declared as Champions of champions

Jitu Rai

18-DAY – NRLM stands for – Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Rural Livelihoods Mission

19-Government of India started the National Literacy Mission (NLM) in 1988.

20-Author of ‘One Indian Girl’ is Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat

21-Ratan Watal Committee has been set up for Digital payments

22-Indravati national park is in Chhattisgarh state

23-Antwerp Diamond Bank has been headquartered in Belgium

24- In Guangdong province of China has been hit with Haima typhoon

25-Nobel Prize 2016 has been given to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holstein in the field of Economics i.e on Contract Theory

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