GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner- Sept 21, 2017

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General Awareness-Sept 21, 2017

1-CRY organization – Child Rights and You

2-Section-122 relates to GST

3-Amritsar is known as the golden city of India

4-Mother Absolute Affection brand ambassador is Madhuri Dixit

5- Valmiki National park is in Bihar

Valmiki National park in Bihar
Valmiki National park

6- The theme of Worlds Diabetes day 2016 is Eyes on Diabetes

7-One Rupee Note bears signature of Finance Secretary

8-River of Sorrow is Damodar River

9-EFTPOS– Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale

10-Bhavanisagar dam is in Tamil Nadu


Bhavanisagar dam in Tamilnadu
Bhavanisagar dam

11-Venue of NATO Summit 2017 in Belgium (Brussels)

12- First International Conference on Voter Education held in New Delhi, India

13-Corporation Bank Headquarter is in Mangalore

14-OPEC headquarter is in Vienna, Austria

15-Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) consists of 7 digit number

16-Prathama Bank Headquarter is at Moradabad, UP

17-SMFS– Structured Financial Messaging System

18-FSB stands for Financial Stability Board

19-Great Victoria desert is located in Australia

Great Victoria desert in south Australia
Great Victoria desert

20-CRISIL– Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

21-Gurudongmar Lake is in Sikkim

22-Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project is in Madhya Pradesh

23- Institute for Development and Research in Banking Tech(IDBRT) – Hyderabad

24-IMPS– Immediate Payment Service

25- IFSC Total digits are 11

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