Agriculture- Plants Propagation, Pollination Agent- March 14, 2017

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Plants Propagated by Vegetative Means


Plant – Methods Employed



Orange- grafting


Grapefruit- grafting


Lemon- grafting


Banana- sucker removal


Pineapple- stem cuttings


Date- sucker removal


Apple- grafting


Grapes- stem cuttings, grafting


Tea—- stem cuttings


Sugar cane- stem cuttings


Jasmine- stem cuttings


Rose- stem cuttings


Different agents of Pollination


Name of Pollination- Pollination Agent



Phalaenophily- Moth


Hydrophily- Water


Melittophily- Bees


Anemophily- Wind


Psychophily- Butterfly


Ornithophily- Bird


Myophily- Fly


Cantharophily- Beetle


Chiropterophily- Bat


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