Biology- One-Liners- for various competitive examinations

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Biology- One-Liners- for various competitive examinations

1-Monoclonal antibodies are now used for the treatment of cancer.

2-Monoclonal antibodies are the antibodies produced by cloned cells.

3-Stem cells are the most unspecialized mass of cells.

4-The Embryonic stem cells can be derived from early embryo which is developed by ‘invitro fertilization’.

5-Fertilization made artificially in the laboratory is called Invitro fertilization.

6-B12 vitamin is synthesized bio-technologically.

7- Antibiotics are employed to kill the infectious germs and cure a disease.

8- Production of any toxin in the body due to infection can be detected by Bio-sensor.

9-Odour, freshness and taste of food can be measured by using Bio-sensor.

10- Amylase is derived from Amyloproteins of bacteria.

11- Bio-chemically significant enzymes are derived from microbes.

12-Gene therapy is used to treat defects in Somatic cell.

13- Microchips are developed by employing techniques of biotechnology.

14- In Germline gene therapy, Egg and sperm of the parents are changed.

15- Bio-technologically synthesized vitamin B12 is used to cure Tuberculosis.

16-Steroid drugs like prednisolone is produced from Rhizopus.

17-The term vaccine was coined by Edward Jenner.

18-Gregor Johann Mendel is called as ‘Father of Genetics’.

19-The paternal and maternal genetic material which influences the traits is DNA.

20-Theory of natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin.

21-The first experiment of Mendel considering the inheritance of a single trait is called Monohybrid cross.

22-Antibiotics are chemical substances derived from microbes like Fungi, Bacteria.

23-.Bio-sensor is a device consisting of immobilized layer of biological material such as Enzyme, antibody, hormone, nucleic acids.

24- The word Clone refers only to living species.

25-The first ever scientific experimental study on heredity was worked out between the years 1822 – 1884.

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