Biology- Glossary Terms

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Biology- Glossary Terms





Substrate: It is the food on which an enzyme acts.

Products: These are the substances released by the enzymes after the reaction is completed.


Amylase: It is found in saliva and duodenum. Used in industry to convert starch to sugars to make syrups and juices.


Incisors: The Teeth adapted for cutting food.


Enzymes: It is Biological catalysts.


Denatured: The Proteins like enzymes that get denatured by heat (loses its properties).


Protease: It is an enzymes used for tenderising meat.


Active site: It is the place where the substrate enters.

Biological Washing Powders: Washing powders that contain enzymes.

Cyanide: It is an Enzyme inhibitor.


Arsenic: It is an Enzyme inhibitor.


Root: It is the lower part of the tooth.


Canines: Teeth meant For holing and tearing.


Molars: Teeth meant For chewing and grinding food.


Premolars: Teeth meant For chewing and grinding food.

Crown: It is the upper part of the tooth.


Gas exchange: The process where oxygen is absorbed by the blood and carbon dioxide is exhaled out of the body. Don’t mix gas exchange with respiration. Respiration is a chemical reaction while gas exchange is just the exchange of gases.


Organic Molecules: The Molecule containing carbon.


Lactic Acid: It is an acid produced in muscle tissues during strenuous exercise when there is lack of oxygen.


Alcoholic Fermentation: It is a type of anaerobic respiration where alcohol is a product of the chemical reaction.


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