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1-Pancreas is a gland which is both endocrine as well as exocrine

2-Largest bone in Human Body is femur

3-Shortest bone in Human Body is stapes or stirrul Bone (in the middle ear)

4-EEG(Electro Encephalo Gram) is used to detect electrical activity in brain using small, flat metal discs (electrodes) attached to scalp.

5- Endocrine glands are also known as Ductless Glands

6- Azotobacter and rhizobium are two nitrogen fixation bacteria

7-Ecology is the branch of biology under which the living organisms and their relation with their surroundings is studied.

8-Blood cells are manufactured in bone marrow from stem cells

9-WBC’s contain Antibodies that protect human body from infections.

10-Cartilage, blood, bones, tendons and ligaments are Connective Tissues

11-Xylem transports water and Phloem transport food.

12-The vitamin that is important for blood coagulation is Vitamin K

13-Protein are made of Amino Acid

14-Mitochondria is known as powerhouse of the cell

15-Lysosomes part of the cell is also known as digestive bag

16-Cells are made up of Protoplasm

17-Robert Hooke discovered cell

18-Cell is the structural and function unit of all life forms

19-Robert Brown discovered nucleus of the cell

20-Outer covering of a cell is called Plasma and it is made up of lipids & proteins.

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