Biology-Important Points-One Liners- October 14, 2017

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Biology- Important Points-One Liners

1- Cell- It is the basic structural unit of life.

2-Cells were first discovered by Robert Hooke.

3-The smallest cell is 0.1 to 0.5 micrometer that is found in bacteria.

4-The single largest cell in the world is of an ostrich. The largest cell measuring 170 mm ×130 mm, is found in the egg of an

5- Smallest human cell is that of red blood cell.

6-The smallest cells are those of the mycoplasma.

7-The red blood cell carries respiratory gases.

8-Nerve cells in animals are the longest cells.

Nerve cells
Nerve cells

9-Largest human cell is that of female ovum

10-In plants Sieve cells transport nutrients.

11- The embryonic tissues like gills and tail are digested by the lysosome during the transformation of a tadpole into a frog.

12-The lysosomal enzymes present in the sperm cells digest the limiting membranes of the ovum (egg). Thus the sperm is able to enter the ovum.

13-Mitochondria is capable of replication as they contain DNA.


14-Blood Group AB is called Universal Receptor because it does not contain any antibody.

15-Blood Group O is called the Universal Donor because it does not contain any antigen.

16-Blood Platelets are also called Thrombocytes, which is found only in the blood of human and other mammals.

17-White Blood Corpuscles (WBC) are also called Leucocytes

18- Right Blood Corpuscles(RBC) is formed in Bone Marrow. At the embryonic stage, its formation takes place in the liver.

19- RBC contains hemoglobin, in which haeme iron-containing compound is found and due to this the color of blood is red.

20-The iron compound found in hemoglobin is haematin.

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