GK/General Awareness/G-Studies- One Liners-October 15, 2017

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General Awareness-One Liners-October 15, 2017

1- The Father of Nuclear Physics is Rutherford

2- The SI unit of radioactivity is Becquerel

3-The ability of a liquid to rise by defying gravity is called Capillarity

4-Nuclear Force is the strongest force in the universe

5- Marie Curie coined the term Radio Activity

 Marie Curie
Marie Curie

6-Gravitational Force is the weakest force in the universe

7-Weather phenomena like cloud, rain, snow, storm etc are formed in Troposphere atmospheric layer

8-Brahmi is the Script of Ashoka’s inscription

9-Krishnadeva Raya is known as Modern Bhoja

10-Dyne is the unit of Force

11- Leprosy disease is also known as Hansen’s disease

12- Magellan gave the Pacific Ocean its name

13- Henri Becquerel discovered Natural radioactivity

Henri Becquerel
Henri Becquerel

14-Galileo Galilei discovered the law of inertia

15-What is the acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity? Ans- Zero

16- Argon is the most abundant noble gas in earth’s atmosphere

17-In Thermosphere atmospheric layer the phenomenon Aurora Borealis occurs

18-Chemical silver iodide is used to make artificial rain

19-Oxalic acid is the acid present in tomato

20-Attorney General is the law Adviser of the central Government

21-Zinc Oxide Substance is known as Philosopher’s wool

22-The first temporary president of Constituent Assembly is Dr. Sachidanand Sinha

23-Karl Landsteiner discovered Rh Factor

Karl Landsteiner
Karl Landsteiner

24-Pakistan President Ayub Khan signed the Tashkent Agreement

25-During the time of Jahangir Mughal emperor, the English East India Company established its first factory in India

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