Biology -RESPIRATION -Important Points -One Liners For Exams

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RESPIRATION -Important Points -One Liners For Exams

1- The microscopic air sacs present in lungs are called alveoli

2- We will find vocal cards in larynx

3- Lungs are protected by two layers called pleura

4- No of lobes present in the left lung of man are two and in the right lung three

5- In males diaphragm plays important role in respiration, where as
ribs in females.

6- Human physiology written by John Daper

7- Pharynx is a common passage of digestive and respiratory system.

8-Gaseous exchange takes place within the lungs by diffusion

9- A flap like muscular valve controls movement of air and food is

10- Normal shape of diaphragm is dome.

11- The total lung capacity of human is 5800ml

12-The energy currency (ATP) is stored in mitochondria (power houses of the cell)

13-Each ATP (adenosine tri Phospate) molecule gives 7200 calories of energy.

14- Iron (Fe) is present in the haemoglobin where as Magnesium Mg in chlorophyll

15- Accumulation of lactic acid due to strenuous work results muscular pain.

16- In prokaryotic cells respiration occurs within the cytoplasm

17- Production of ethanol during anaerobic respiration by yeast is called fermentation

18- Cellular respiration occurs in mitochondria where carbohydrates get oxidized.

19- Cellular respiration in prokaryotes takes place in cytoplasm

20- Mangrove trees respire with their Arial roots (root hairs)

21- Insects (cockroach, grasshopper) respire through tracheal respiratory system.

22- Fish respire through gills (bronchial respiration)

23- Respiration through skin (Ex. Frog, Earth worm) is called Cutaneous respiration

24- In amoeba, hydra and planarians respiration occurs through diffusion

25- Gaseous exchange takes place in plants through stomata (leaf), lenticels (stem)

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