History -One Liners For Various Competitive Exams

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History -One Liners For Various Exams
1- War is to a Nation what maternity is to women was the principle of Fascists.

2- Robert mugabe was the first president of Zimbabwe.

3-.The first Five years plans in the world started in Russia by Stalin

4-Menshivik party was founded by Kerensky.

5-Excavation work of Indus valley civilization in 1922 by John Marshal.

6-Dyarchy was introduced by the Indian Govt Act of 1935.

7-Nizam State or Hyderabad was annexed into Indian Union through police action

8-Sri Potti sriramulu sacrified his life for separate Andhra.

9-Rhodesia was named after Cesil Rhode.

10-.Red shirts the revolutionary army founded by Garibaldi.

11-Mathura school of art was developed during the period of Kanishka.

12-Franco-Prussian war was ended with the treaty of Frank-Furt.

13-Lenin viewed”Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism”

14-Partition of Bengal was made by Lord Curzon in 1905.

15-Bismark was the prime minister of Prussia.

16-Napolean died in 1821 in the island of St.Helina

17-The General Assembly of U.N.O. meets at least once in a (year)

18-Bangladesh Crisis took place in this year (1971)

19- Author of “A Study of Physical Culture” is Mao-Tse-Tung

20- The first state created on linguistic basis was Andhra Pradesh

21-Communist Republic in Yugoslavia was established by Marshall Tito

22 U.N.O Day is celebrated on 24th October, 1945.

23-The third world countries were the worst victims of second world war

24-The European countries have formed a third bloc

25-Qutub Minar was completed by Iltutmish

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