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1.In which year Madras native Association was founded?- 1852

2.In 18th century ,which industry was in peak ?-  Weaving industry

3.In which year the board of revenue was abolished?- 1794A.D.

4.In which year Chittur district was formed?-  1911A.D.

5.The dam on river  Godavari constructed in which year?-  1847A.D.

6.In which year,the on river krishna was constructed?-  1853A.D.

7.Who became victorious in Chandurti war?-  Britishers

8.The year of Konduru war?-  1759A.D.

9.Who helped the french in protecting Machillipatanam?-  Nijam nawab salabat jung

10.The year of Chandurti war?-  1758A.D.

11.When did the British occupy Machilipatanam?-  8th april 1759

12.The ruler of Vijayanagaram who died  due to smallpox in 1760A.D.?-  Anada Gajapathi

13.How many Zamindars were there in Ganjam circar by 1768A.D.?-  Twenty

14.How many ports were therein     Ganjam circar?-  35

15.Which districts were called as ceded districts?-  Ananthapuram,kadapa,kurnol and bellary

16.Who used to collect the taxes from the people in circar districts?-  Zamindars

17.After whose death,Guntur went into the hands of British?-  Balasat jung

18.Who used to collect the taxes in Rayalaseema?-  palegallu

19.The tax imposed by Maharasthra in Rayalaseema ? -Chaut

20-Who christened the ceded districts as Rayalaseema ? -Gadicharla Harisarvottama Rao.

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