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Business Awareness Questions- February 27, 2024

One Liner Questions: Business Awareness Questions

  1. Which financial securities firm reported on the likely impact of regulatory developments on unsecured personal loans?
  2. What concern was triggered by the higher credit growth in unsecured personal loans since Covid?
  3. At which event did India emphasize the need for flexibility in trade agreements for developing countries?
  4. What has SEBI warned investors against regarding stock market access?
  5. Who stepped down from their position at Paytm Payments Bank Ltd due to RBI’s impending ban?
  6. What was the focus of the meeting held by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman with fintech company heads?
  7. How has the Income Tax Department addressed mismatches in interest and dividend income reporting?
  8. What notable achievement did NTPC Mining Ltd announce?
  9. Which semiconductor technology did Micron Technology begin volume production of?
  10. What benefits will eligible industries in Mumbai’s Dharavi receive?
  11. What did Samsung Electronics unveil at the Mobile World Congress 2024?
  12. What significant production target has Oil India Limited set for itself by 2025-26?
  13. What relief package was announced for FCV tobacco farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka?
  14. How did Byju’s respond to the government’s inspection of its financial books?
  15. Who is the co-founder of Zerodha who revealed having suffered a mild stroke?
  16. What AI chatbot did Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal launch?
  17. How did Alkem Labs respond to reports of tax evasion?
  18. What does the HCES for 2022-23 indicate about rural livelihoods?
  19. What did Sony Picture India clarify regarding the acquisition of a stake in OTT platform Aha?
  20. Who are the new board members appointed at Paytm Payments Bank Ltd following the restructuring?
  21. What penalty did RBI impose on SBI and Canara Bank?
  22. What global partnership did SK Telecom announce for developing large language models?
  23. What significant decrease in coal imports for blending did India experience?
  24. What challenge do developing countries face according to the Indian delegation at the WTO conference?
  25. What fraudulent schemes did SEBI issue a warning about?
  26. What was the purpose of the reconstitution of PPBL’s Board?
  27. What functionality has been made available by the Income Tax Department for taxpayers?
  28. What is the primary goal of the Dharavi Redevelopment Project?
  29. For what purpose was the Galaxy Ring smart device designed?
  30. What was the main agenda of the Ministerial Conference of the WTO mentioned?

One Liner Answers to Business Awareness Questions

  1. ICICI Securities.
  2. The concern was triggered due to the potential risk associated with the significant growth in unsecured personal loans since Covid.
  3. The 13th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Abu Dhabi.
  4. SEBI has warned investors against fraudulent schemes claiming to facilitate stock market access through FPIs or FIIs.
  5. Vijay Shekhar Sharma.
  6. The focus was on strict adherence to official regulations and protecting consumer interests.
  7. The Income Tax Department has made an on-screen functionality available in the compliance portal for taxpayers to address mismatches.
  8. Producing 100 million metric tonnes (MMT) of coal.
  9. HBM3E (high bandwidth memory 3E) solution.
  10. A refund of State Goods & Services Tax (SGST) for five years.
  11. The Galaxy Ring smart device.
  12. 4 MMT oil and 5 BCM gas annual production.
  13. A Rs 10,000 interest-free loan and waiving of penalties.
  14. Byju’s responded with all necessary documents and is hoping for an early closure of the matter.
  15. Nithin Kamath.
  16. ‘Krutrim AI.’
  17. Alkem Labs denied the allegations and stated the information published is factually incorrect.
  18. An improvement in rural livelihoods, especially for the lowest-income classes.
  19. Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI) denied the speculation.
  20. Srinivasan Sridhar, Debendranath Sarangi, Rajni Sekhri Sibal, and Ashok Kumar Garg.
  21. A penalty of Rs 2 crore on SBI for non-compliance with banking regulations.
  22. A joint venture with Deutsche Telekom, e& Group, Singtel, and Softbank.
  23. A decrease of 36.69 percent.
  24. The challenge is the constraints faced in their industrialization due to a lack of flexibility in existing agreements.
  25. Schemes claiming to facilitate stock market access through SEBI-registered entities.
  26. To ensure compliance with RBI guidelines and improve governance.
  27. An on-screen functionality for taxpayers to provide their response regarding mismatches in reported income.
  28. To provide several benefits to eligible industries and commercial units, including tax refunds.
  29. To serve as a digital healthcare device.
  30. The need for flexibility in trade agreements for developing countries to overcome industrialization constraints.

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Business Awareness Questions- February 18, 2024

One Liner Business Awareness Questions

  1. Which countries signed an MoU to promote digital transformation?
  2. Who exchanged the MoU between India and Colombia?
  3. What did the MoU between India and Colombia focus on?
  4. Which team won the Badminton Asia Team Championships title for the first time?
  5. Who led the Indian team to win the Badminton Asia Team Championships title?
  6. Against which team did India win the Badminton Asia Team Championships title?
  7. Who scored for India in the opening match of the Badminton Asia Team Championships?
  8. Who added to India’s lead in the Badminton Asia Team Championships against Thailand?
  9. How many runs was Yashasvi Jaiswal on the verge of making against England?
  10. Where was the third Test between India and England played?
  11. Which New Zealand players were set to play their 100th Test matches?
  12. Against which team was New Zealand’s T20I series scheduled?
  13. Why was Matt Henry ruled out of New Zealand’s T20I series?
  14. How did Manchester City’s match against Chelsea end?
  15. Who scored for Manchester City against Chelsea?
  16. Why did Ravichandran Ashwin rejoin the Indian team on day four?
  17. What led to England’s batting collapse against India in the third Test?
  18. How did Arsenal’s recent victory affect their standing in the Premier League?
  19. Who confirmed Mike Procter’s death?
  20. Which team did FC Barcelona beat with a late penalty?
  21. Who was the star of the Haryana Steelers in the Pro Kabaddi League match?
  22. Which Indian players won the doubles title at the Bengaluru Open ATP Challenger Series?
  23. How did U.P. Yoddhas perform against Gujarat Giants in the Pro Kabaddi League?
  24. Who scored the winning goal for India against Australia in the Women’s FIH Hockey Pro League?
  25. In which event did Pranati Nayak win a bronze medal?
  26. What was the result of Sumit Nagal’s match at the Bengaluru Open?
  27. Who set new National Records at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships?
  28. Which team won in the Prime Volleyball League match between Chennai Blitz and Hyderabad Black Hawks?
  29. Which Mumbai Indians players joined the camp for the Women’s Premier League?

Answers to One Liner Business Awareness Questions

  1. India and Colombia.
  2. Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Mauricio Lizcano.
  3. Sharing successful digital solutions for digital transformation.
  4. The Indian women’s team.
  5. PV Sindhu.
  6. Thailand.
  7. PV Sindhu.
  8. Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand.
  9. 150 runs.
  10. Niranjan Shah Stadium.
  11. Tim Southee and Kane Williamson.
  12. Australia.
  13. Hip soreness.
  14. 1-1 draw.
  15. Raheem Sterling.
  16. Because of a family medical emergency.
  17. Joe Root’s reverse-ramp dismissal.
  18. Stayed two points behind Liverpool.
  19. Maryna Procter.
  20. Celta Vigo.
  21. Vishal Tate.
  22. Saketh Myneni and Ramkumar Ramanathan.
  23. Lost 29-36.
  24. Vandana Katariya.
  25. Women’s vault at the FIH Artistic Gymnastics Apparatus World Cup.
  26. Lost against Stephano Napolitano.
  27. Jyothi Yarraji and Tajinderpal Singh Toor.
  28. Chennai Blitz.
  29. Shabnim Ismail and Isabelle Wong.

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Business Awareness Questions- February 8, 2024

One Liner Business Awareness Questions

  1. How much investment was signed during MK Stalin’s visit to Spain?
  2. Which German company agreed to invest in Tamil Nadu?
  3. What was the percentage increase in the cost of a vegetarian thali in January 2024 compared to January 2023?
  4. Why did the cost of home cooked non-vegetarian thali decrease last month?
  5. Which country stopped buying bananas from Ecuador due to tainted products?
  6. What initiative did Amazon Web Services launch in India?
  7. With which company did Tata Communications partner to enhance Microsoft Teams for enterprises in India?
  8. What was the percentage increase in the share of domestic Mutual Funds in NSE-listed companies as of December 31, 2023?
  9. How many people in India will Microsoft train in generative AI skills?
  10. What caution does V K Vijayakumar advise regarding the stock market?
  11. Which program did Meta expand to combat sextortion?
  12. Who succeeded Patrick C.S. Lo as CEO of Netgear?
  13. What is SpaceX being investigated for in the US?
  14. How many employees is DocuSign planning to lay off?
  15. Which Kashmir-based association sued Sony Entertainment Television and others?
  16. What did IRDAI approve concerning Axis Bank and Max Life?
  17. Which insurance company acquired a majority stake in Kotak Mahindra General Insurance?
  18. How much do US banks hold in commercial real-estate loans?
  19. By what percentage did Britannia Ltd’s net profit decline in the October-December quarter of the current financial year?
  20. When will direct flights from Delhi to Jabalpur and Mumbai to Jabalpur restart?
  21. What cost-cutting drive did UBS deepen?
  22. How did a Russian man use OpenAI’s ChatGPT in his search for a partner?

One Liner Answers to Business Awareness Questions

  1. Agreements for investments totaling Rs 3,440 crore were signed.
  2. Hapag-Lloyd AG agreed to invest Rs 2500 crore.
  3. The cost of a vegetarian thali increased by 5 percent.
  4. It decreased due to a 26 percent reduction in the cost of chicken.
  5. Russia stopped buying bananas from Ecuador.
  6. AWS launched the first space tech accelerator program in India.
  7. Tata Communications partnered with Microsoft.
  8. It rose to an all-time high of 8.81 percent.
  9. Microsoft will train more than two million people.
  10. Vijayakumar advises caution against excessive speculation in low-grade stocks.
  11. Meta expanded the ‘Take It Down’ programme.
  12. Charles (CJ) Prober succeeded Patrick C.S. Lo as CEO.
  13. SpaceX is being investigated for discrimination and sexual harassment.
  14. DocuSign announced layoffs affecting around 440 people.
  15. The Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir sued Sony Entertainment Television, Shark Tank India, and Tramboo Sports.
  16. IRDAI approved the capital infusion by Axis Bank into Max Life.
  17. Zurich Insurance Company acquired a 70 percent stake in Kotak Mahindra General Insurance.
  18. US banks hold about $2.7 trillion in commercial real-estate loans.
  19. Britannia Ltd’s net profit declined by 40 percent.
  20. The direct flights will restart from March.
  21. UBS deepened a cost-cutting drive after acquiring Credit Suisse.
  22. Alexander Zhadan used ChatGPT to filter through 5,239 matches on Tinder.

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Business Awareness Questions- January 4, 2024

Questions: Business Awareness Questions

  1. Who has joined upGrad’s board of Directors as announced recently?
  2. What role will CP Gurnani play in upGrad?
  3. What did CP Gurnani say about upGrad’s global presence?
  4. Who raised concerns about the alleged allotment of RFL shares to Rashmi Saluja?
  5. What issue did the Burman family highlight regarding Religare Finvest Limited?
  6. What was the purpose of the AGM held by Religare Finvest Limited?
  7. What are the requirements under the Companies Act and SEBI ESOP Guidelines regarding shareholder approval?
  8. What is the total value of preliminary investment agreements signed by Gujarat?
  9. When is the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit scheduled?
  10. Which company announced the start of its largest phenol plant in India?
  11. What changes did the RBI introduce regarding NCDs and CPs?
  12. How much did Unacademy’s losses decrease in FY23?
  13. How much did DGCA fine airlines in 2023?
  14. By when does Piyush Goyal predict India will become a $5 trillion economy?
  15. Which company won the majority of the oil and gas exploration blocks in OALP-VIII?
  16. How many companies witnessed PE exits in 2023 in India?
  17. What investments is the Adani Group planning in Telangana?
  18. What decision has Jai Malik-led Countdown Capital made recently?
  19. What restructuring has Vedanta Resources achieved with its bondholders?
  20. What MoU did the PFC sign with the government of Gujarat?

Answers: Business Awareness Questions

  1. CP Gurnani has joined upGrad’s board of Directors.
  2. CP Gurnani will serve as an independent non-executive director.
  3. CP Gurnani mentioned that upGrad should be present in more countries to skill more people.
  4. The Burman family raised concerns about the alleged allotment.
  5. The Burman family questioned the compliance with the SEBI Takeover Regulations regarding RFL.
  6. The AGM’s purpose was to seek shareholder approval for the proposed grant of ESOPs to Rashmi Saluja.
  7. Shareholder approval is required for the grant of options to identified employees exceeding 1% of the issued capital.
  8. Gujarat signed agreements worth Rs 7.17 trillion.
  9. The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit is scheduled for January 10-12.
  10. Haldia Petrochemical Limited announced the start of its largest phenol plant in India.
  11. The RBI introduced changes for NCDs and CPs to be issued in dematerialised form.
  12. Unacademy’s losses decreased by about 40% in FY23.
  13. DGCA fined airlines over Rs 2 crore in 2023.
  14. Piyush Goyal predicts India will become a $5 trillion economy in 2 to 2.5 years.
  15. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) won seven exploration blocks.
  16. About 78 companies in India witnessed PE exits in 2023.
  17. The Adani Group is keen to set up a data centre and aerospace park in Telangana.
  18. Countdown Capital is reportedly shutting down by March-end.
  19. Vedanta Resources received support from 97% of its bondholders for debt restructuring.
  20. The PFC signed an MoU with Gujarat for financial backing of Rs 25,000 crore for power projects.

Business Awareness Questions- December 15, 2023

One-Liner Questions-Business Awareness Questions

  1. What percentage of global workers possess green skills according to LinkedIn’s report?
  2. What was LinkedIn’s “green skills” report aligned with?
  3. What gender disparity does the LinkedIn report highlight regarding green skills?
  4. By when does India plan to enhance coal production to 1.5 billion tonnes?
  5. What is Ola Electric’s fundraising goal through an IPO?
  6. When did Ola Electric start sales and how many units have they sold?
  7. Which Indian company introduced the first Matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners?
  8. What new features is WhatsApp rolling out for iOS users?
  9. What controversy arose in the Maharashtra Legislative Council regarding ST Co-operative Bank?
  10. How much did GenAI startups raise in venture capital globally in 2023?
  11. What was Pepperfry’s loss in FY23 and how does it compare to FY22?
  12. What milestone did the BSE Sensex reach before settling at 69,928.53?
  13. How many EV charging points will Tata Power and IOCL install at petrol pumps?
  14. What investment did TikTok commit to in Tokopedia’s e-commerce unit?
  15. Who recently resigned as AWS India and South Asia’s interim country head?
  16. How did consumer confidence in India fare according to the recent RBI survey?
  17. Which sectors saw the highest rise in blue-collar hiring in India in 2023?

Answers-Business Awareness Questions

  1. Only one in eight workers globally has one or more green skills.
  2. The report coincided with the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) in UAE.
  3. 9 in 10 women lack a single green skill, in contrast to 16% of men with at least one.
  4. India aims to reach this coal production goal by 2029-30.
  5. Ola Electric aims to raise nearly Rs 5,800 crore.
  6. Sales started in December 2021 with over 353,000 units sold to date.
  7. Panasonic Life Solutions India introduced these air conditioners.
  8. WhatsApp is introducing pin messages and connection health check for video calls.
  9. The issue involved alleged inaction against directors and questionable appointments.
  10. GenAI startups raised $10 billion, a 110% rise compared to 2021.
  11. The loss was Rs 188 crore, down just 3% from Rs 194 crore in FY22.
  12. The Sensex surged past 70,000 but then settled at 69,928.53.
  13. Over 500 EV charging points will be rolled out.
  14. TikTok plans to invest $1.5 billion in Tokopedia.
  15. Vaishali Kasture resigned from her role.
  16. Consumer confidence remained stable despite mixed sentiments.
  17. The logistics, construction, real estate, tourism, and hospitality sectors

Business Awareness Questions- November 28, 2023

One Liners Business Awareness Questions

  1. Which company produces the skin-care product known as ‘Fair and Lovely’?
  2. Xiaomi collaborated with which company to set up its manufacturing unit in a particular Indian state?
  3. In financial contexts, what is the meaning of the letter ‘C’ in the acronym ‘CSR’?
  4. In which year was the Tata Iron And Steel Company (TISCO) established?
  5. The Hindu, an English daily newspaper, has its main office in which city?
  6. “Making Tomorrow Brighter” serves as the tagline for which corporation?
  7. Tata Motors introduced which Smart car model?
  8. Lifebuoy soap is a product of which multinational company?
  9. To be eligible for a “golden handshake,” one must be what?
  10. What happens to the price of a product when its demand falls but its supply rises?
  11. The International Monetary Fund has its headquarters in which city?
  12. Saffola, a brand promoting healthier living, is known for its products like edible oils and oats. Which company owns it?
  13. Marginal cost is closely associated with which other type of cost?
  14. The World Bank was established in which year?
  15. ONGC, India’s largest oil and gas exploration company, holds what classification?
  16. As of now, which is the largest Indian company in terms of market capitalization?
  17. In which year was the airline SpiceJet inaugurated?
  18. Samsung, a multinational conglomerate, originates from which country?
  19. The Tea Board of India has its headquarters in which city?
  20. Amul established a 200 crore dairy facility in which Indian city?

One Liners Business Awareness Questions with Answers

  1. H.U.L
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Corporate
  4. 1907
  5. Chennai
  6. ONGC
  7. Nano
  8. Unilever
  9. Ex-employee
  10. decreases
  11. Washington D.C.
  12. Marico
  13. Variable Cost
  14. 1944
  15. Maharatna
  16. TCS
  17. 2005
  18. South Korea
  19. Kolkata
  20. Varanasi

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