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Economy One-Liners for various competitive examinations

Thank You for landing the Economy and Business section page.

Here are some important Economy one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Economy Bits below.

1- In which year Mid Day Meal Scheme was launched?

1- August 15, 1996.

2- August 15, 1998.

3- August 15, 1995.

4- August 15, 2000.

2-Name the person who gave a call for Evergreen Revolution.

1-Verghese Kurien.

2- M.S Swaminathan.

3- H. M. Dalaya.

4- Tribhuvandas Patel.

3- Under whose Chairmanship, the Planning Commission constituted a high-level committee for financial sector reforms in August 2007?

1- Raghuram G. Rajan

2- Bimal Jalan

3- K.V. Kamath

4- None of these.

4- The term black revolution in India implies-

1- Self-dependence in the production of lubricants.

2- Self-dependence in the production of petroleum crude oil

3-Self-dependence in the production of coal.

4- Nurturing the Black Soil.

5- In India, the Agriculture sector generates the largest employment. The second sector after Agriculture is?

1-Telecommunication sector

2-Chemical Sector

3- Iron and Steel Sector.

4- Textile Sector.

6- The meaning of Gilt-edged market is-

1- Market of government securities

2- Market of guns

3- Bullion market

4- Market of pure metals.

7- The meaning of Depreciation is

1- The destruction of a plant in a fire accident.

2- The closure of a plant due to labour trouble.

3- The closure of a plant due to a lockout.

4- The loss of equipment over time due to wear and tear.

8- The ARDC was merged into this on July 12, 1982.

1- RBI.


3- EXIM Bank.

4- None of the above.

9-In which year, the first wholly Indian Bank was set up?

1- 1894

2- 1794

3- 1902

4- 1896.

10- Which among the following means States earn maximum revenue?

1- Custom Revenue

2- Land Revenue

3- Excise duties on intoxicants.

4- Commercial taxes.

11- Excise duty is a tax that is levied on which among the following?

1-Export of goods

2- Import of goods

3- Sale of goods

4- Production of goods.

12-In Deficit Financing, the government borrows from which among the following means?

1- Big businessmen.

2- Local Bodies.

3- IMF.

4- RBI.

13- The Co-operative Credit Societies have a

1- Five-tier structure.

2- Four-tier structure.

3- Three-tier structure.

4- Two-tier structure.

14- In which year, the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction( BIFR), came into existence?

1- 1989

2- 1987.

3- 1986.

4- 1985.

15- In which year, the RBI was nationalized?

1- 1945.

2- 1846.

3- 1947.

4- 1949.


1- August 15, 1995.

2- M.S Swaminathan.

3-Raghuram G. Rajan

4-Self-dependence in the production of petroleum crude oil

5-Textile Sector.

6- Market of government securities.

7-The loss of equipment over time due to wear and tear



10-Commercial taxes

11-Production of goods

12- RBI.

13-Three-tier structure.


15- 1949.

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