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General Awareness –

 1- The Home Rule League was formed during the first World War.

 2- The earliest Iron age in India has been associated with Ochre Coloured Pottery(OCP).

 3- The famous Kailasha temple at Ellora was built by Krishna 1,the Rastrakutas.

 4- The famous Gupta Era (Samvat) was started in 78 A.D.

 5- Saadat Khan was the founder of autonomous kingdom of Awadh.

 6-Amukta Malyad book was authored by Krishna Deva Raya.

 7- Qutubuddin Aibak was the first sovereign Sultan of Delhi.

 8-The first ruler responsible for the rise of Magadha was Bimbisara.

 9-Balajee Vishwanath was the founder of the Peshwas.

 10-Attorney General of India is appointed by Parliament.

 11-The place for Amritsar was given by the Mughal emperor Akbar to Guru Ramdas.

 12-Dev Anand’s biography is ‘Romancing with life’ .

 13-Japan has launched the Solar B satellite to study the Sun.

 14-Oslo is the world’s oldest capital city.

 15-The National Police Academy has been named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

 16- 304 A section of IPC is applicable in a case of death due to carelessness.

 17-Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel has addressed Gandhiji as ‘Father of Nation’ for the first time.

 18-Muhammed Shah was the ruler of Delhi at the time of the invasion of Nadir Shah.

 19-The Allahabad Pillar Inscriptions describes the achievements of Samudra Gupta.

 20-Qutubuddin Mubarak refused to recognise the authority of the Caliph.

21-IPCC stands for Intergovernmental Panel For Climate Change.

 22-Barack Obama is the author of the book – The Audacity of Hope.

 23-Marin Cilic won the 2014 US Open Men’s single title.

 24-Typhoid disease usually spreads through milk.

 25-Attornery General is the law officer of the state.

 26-The ratio of pure Gold in 18 Carat gold is 75 %.

 27-Article 14 provides Right to Equality.

 28-The word Alphabet has been derived from Latin.

 29- Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the President of India at the time of Proclamation of Emergency in the year 1976.

30-Edwin Hubble gave the first evidence of Big-Bang Theory.

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