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Swami VivekanandSwami Vivekanand
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General Awareness for various competitive examinations

General Awareness
General Awareness

Welcome to GK Section.

We know the importance of general awareness, GK (General Knowledge) in various competitive exams for aspirants.

We are publishing general awareness notes and study material daily.

We publish articles on this page from general studies and general knowledge point of view.

These notes are extremely useful for all exams including Bank Exams.

More General Awareness Study Material & notes will be updated

General Awareness bits help in the last minute preparation for various exams.

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1-Broad money in India is M3.

2-Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin.

3-Buddha delivered his first sermon at Sarnath.

4-Krishna Dvaipayana, author of the epic Mahabharat, better known as Ved Vyas.

5-By defeating Harshavardhana on the banks of river Narmada, Chalukya ruler Pulkesin II stopped him from expanding into the south.

6-Buddhism was divided into Mahayana and Hinayana during the reign of Kanishka.

7-Bryophytes are often called as amphibian plants because they are found both in water and on land.

8-Bromine is a red liquid.

9-British Parliament passed Indian Independence Act on 18th July 1947.

10- A spiritual guru Narendra Nath Datta, founder of Belur Math near Kolkata, better known as Swami Vivekanand.


Swami Vivekanand
Swami Vivekanand







11-By Govt. of India Act 1919, the Bicameral Central Legislature was established during the British period for the first time.

12-One person can act as Governor for more than one State.

13-Carbohydrates are the compounds of Carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

14-Capital output ratio of a commodity measures the ratio of working capital employed to a quantity of output.

15-Canal irrigation is most important in the Northern Plains of India because the sources of canals are perennial rivers.

16-By Charter Act of 1833 the Commercial Rights of East India Company abolished.

17-Ganga is known as the Padma in Bangladesh.

18- Bleaching powder is made from Lime and Chlorine.

19-Blood fails to clot while flowing in the blood vessel because of the presence of Heparin.

20-BoP (Balance of Payment) refers to a systematic record of all its economic transaction with the rest of the world.

21- Boundary line demarcating India and Pakistan known is known as Radcliffe Line.

22-Brass gets discolored in the air due to the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide gas in the air.

23-Branch of Biology which deals with extinct organisms is Palaeontology.

24-Bokaro Steel Limited was established with the assistance of Soviet Union.

Bokaro Steel Limited
Bokaro Steel Limited







25- Bleaching powder is used in drinking water as a disinfectant.

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