General Awareness -Biology

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General Awareness -Biology

1- Calcium element is essential for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre.

2-Vitamin C is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking as well as in storage.

3-Cod liver oil is the richest source of vitamin D .

4- Biopsy test helps in diagnosis of cancer.

5-Vitamin D is provided by sunlight to the body.

6-Hydrophobia disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog.

7-Yellow colour of Cow milk is due to the presence of carotene.

8-Foot and mouth disease is found in Cattle.

9- Food wrapped in newspaper is likely to get contaminated with lead.

10-Colour blindness disease is Inheritable.

11-Bone tissue is directly affected by Rickets.

12- Respiratory system is directly affected by Pneumonia.

13-Nervous system is directly affected by Beri Beri disease.

14-Nervous system is directly affected by Rabies.

15-Brain and Spinal Cord are affected by  Meningitis.

16-The Dalmatian Pelican is the heaviest flying Bird.

17-Blue whales are the largest animals of all time.

18-Fastest Swimming Bird is Gentoo Penguin which can swim 40 km per hour.

19-Femur (Thigh bone ) is the largest and strongest Bone in the body.

20-Life span of Red Blood Cells(R.B.C.) is 100-120 days.

21-Har Govind Khorana shared noble prize worked in the field of Bio Chemistry.

22-The book Historia Plantrum is written by Theophrastus.

23-Phytology is also called Botany.

24-.Blood Group is discovered by Landstiner .

25- Pasture discovered vaccination for Rabies.

26-Larynx is known as the voice box.

27-The contractile proteins in a muscles are Actin and Myosin.

28-All enzymes are actually proteins.

29-In human being, the opening of stomach into small intestine is called Pylorus.

30- In human body the nails are made up of Keratin.

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