General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-What is the official state food of Texas ?- Chilli.

2-In ancient China what meat was reserved for the Emperor- Pork.

3-Noologists study what ?- The Mind.

4-What animal was the symbol of freedom in ancient Rome ?- Cat.

5-In Japan what is Yomiyuri Shimbun Newspaper – worlds best seller.

6-What is the national drink of Poland ?- Mead.

7-The first official baseball hat was made of what ?- Straw.

8-What animals teeth were used as knife blades by the Indians ?- Beaver.

9-Timbucktoo is in which country?- Mali

10-What food item are most people allergic to ?- Cows Milk.

11-What common 4 legged animals never walk or trot ?- Rabbits.

12-The male of what species explodes on mating – then dies ?- Honeybee.

13-If you were studying Iatrology what would you be studying ?- Science of Medicine.

14-The United Nations in New York were originally where ?- San Francisco.

15-What is the last element – Alphabetically ?- Zirconium.

16-In what country is the northernmost point of Africa ?- Tunisia

17-Omphalitis is an infection of what part of the body ?- Navel

18-What are formed by Orogeny ?- Mountains.

19-Vootery is the practice of what ?- Deceit or Lying

20-Which is the worlds busiest metro system ?- Moscow.

21-What are a Boomer and a Blue Flier Adult Male – Female Kangaroo

22-Quinsy is the inflammation of which body organ due to abscess ?- Tonsils.

23-Le Poireau is what type of vegetables ?- Leek.

24-In Switzerland what device is illegal on Sundays ?- Lawnmower.

25-Trouw is a newspaper in what country ?- Netherlands.

26-What is studied in Aerology ?- Planet Mars.

27-Napoleon had a fear of what ?– Aelurophobia Cats

28-What is the oldest known science ?- Astronomy

29-If you committed Vaticide who would you have killed ?- Prophet.

30-If you graduate with a degree in music what colour tassel wear ?- Pink

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