General Awareness

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General Awareness : Miscellaneous

1-International dialling codes what country is 86 ?- China.

2-Alphabetically what is the first element in the periodic table ?- Actinium.

3-What order of insects contains the most species ?- Beetles.

4-Aesculus is the Latin name of what type of tree ?- Horse Chestnut.

5-Where were bagpipes invented ?- Iran – then Persia .

6-Which people used to settle legal disputes by head butting ?- Inuit – Eskimo.

7-What is a Boodie ?- A Marsupial related kangaroo rat.

8-Spumador was whose horse ?- King Arthur

9-Alfred Butta invented what in 1941 – marketed 1948 ?- Scrabble.

10-Phobos and Deimos are moons of Mars – what do names mean ?- Fear and Terror.

11-What colour is a giraffes tongue ?- Black.

12-What is the capitol of Fiji ?- Suva.

13-What is the name of Shakespeare’s first play ?- Titus Andronicus.

14-The IHF govern what sport ?- International Handball Federation

15-What US state has no motto ?- Alaska.

16-What country spends the most per capita in casinos ?- Australia.

17-In India in 1994 who were finally allowed to vote ?- Eunuchs.

18-In what language was the first complete bible in US printed ?- Algonquin Indian

19-What country produces the most tobacco in the world ?- China.

20-If you were eating Olea Europea what would it be ?- Olive.

21-Where were the first winter Olympics held in 1924 ?- Charmonix France.

22-What is the smallest species of penguin ?- The Fairy Penguin

23-What do Fromologists collect ?- Cheese labels

24-International dialling codes what county is 20 ?- Egypt.

25-What US states name means long river in Indian ?- Connecticut

26-What country has the most elephants ?- Tanzania.

27-In Romeo and Juliet what day is Juliet’s Birthday ?- 31st June.

28-In Italy a man can be arrested if found wearing what ?- A Skirt.

29-The Arcocarpus altilis was involved in a mutiny – what is it ?- Breadfruit.

30-OD international aircraft registration letters of what country ?- Lebanon

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