General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-What is the state insect of Texas ?- Monarch Butterfly.

2-What breed of dog bites the most humans ?- German Shepherd –Alsatian.

3-Only humans and what primate can have blue eyes ?- Black Lemurs

4-What creature is the symbol of Bacardi ?- Bat.

5-Sourj is Armenian for what ?- Coffee.

6-In Pennsylvania legally a man needs written permit from wife do what ?- Purchase Alcohol.

7-Where in the body is the labrynth ?- Ear.

8-What is Papins Digester – Invented Denis Papin 1679 ?- Pressure Cooker.

9-A web site with sa in the name is in what country ?- Saudi Arabia.

10-Where were Chinese Checkers invented ?- England

11-What was the third leading cause of death in 1900 ?- Diarrhoea.

12-Where would you find your Glabella ?- Space between your eyes.

13-What city has the worlds biggest taxi fleet ?- Mexico – over 60000.

14-What animal is mentioned most in the Bible ?- Sheep.

15-What is the most common fear people have ?- Public Speaking.

16-After the US what country imports the most scotch ?- France.

17-What is officially the poorest US state ?- Mississippi.

18-What is officially the richest US state ?-District of Columbia.

19-The US eat most ice cream per capita what country second ?- New Zealand.

20-In Indiana what is illegal in winter ?- Bathing.

21-In what country did the rumba originate ?- Cuba

22-In Tucson Arizona it is illegal for a woman to wear what ?- Pants.

23-What country consumes the most calories per capita ?- Ireland.

24-What species of fish is caught most ? -Anchovetta – Anchovy.

25-It is illegal to use what to plough cotton fields in North Carolina ? Elephants.

26-What US state has the most murders ?- California.

27-What crime causes the second most number arrests in USA ?- Drink Driving.

28-Where did doughnuts originate ?- Holland.

29-The word Matrix in the Bible means what ?- Womb

30-What country drinks the most beer ?- Germany

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