General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-What is the most common breeding bird in the US ?- Red Winged Blackbird.

2-Public Speaking is the most common fear what’s the second ?- Heights.

3-In Oklahoma it is illegal to bite some else’s what ?- Hamburger.

4-What links the Cassowary Kakapo and the Kagu ?- Flightless Birds.

5-Potatoes were fist sold as what ?- Ornamental Plants

6-Ancient China Treason Robbery Adultery what punishment ?- Castration.

7-Vampire bats prefer to bite what part of a sleeping person ?- Toe

8-A Parthenophobe has a fear of what ?- Young Girls – Virgins.

9-Who received 800000 fan letters in 1933 ?- Mickey Mouse.

10-Monology is the study of what ?- Stupidity.

11-What is the penalty for drunk driving in Sumatra ?- Loss of a hand.

12-The word Sahara is Arabic for what ?- Desert.

13-What do toads do before mating ?- Sing.

14-What country is the worlds oldest functioning democracy ?- Iceland.

15-80% of the worlds population wears shoes made in what country ?- China.

16-In 1839 what innovation was added to bicycles ?- Pedals.

17-Who was Time Magazines first man of the year (1927) ?- Charles Lindbergh.

18-What is the most eaten food in the US ?- Milk and Cream.

19-What country consumes the most fish per capita ?- Japan.

20-What was the first product sold in aerosol sprays ?- Insecticides

21-What was the first magazine to publish a hologram on its cover ?- National Geographic.

22-What food was regarded as an aphrodisiac in the Middle Ages ?- Chicken Soup.

23-Nonpariel Mission Caramel Neplus Peerless types of what ?- Almonds

24-What is the provincial bird of Yukon ?- Raven.

25-In Columbus Ohio it is illegal to sell what on Sunday ?- Cornflakes.

26-What was the first toy advertised on TV in USA  ?- Mr Potato Head.

27-Sukkot is a festival in which religion ?- Jewish

28-If you suffered from pyrexia what have you got ?- Fever.

29-In Germany what are the Neubaustrecke ?- High Speed Railways.

30-What are Puli Sloghi and Kuvaszok ?- Exotic dog breeds

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