General Studies

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General Studies – Miscellaneous

1- The First Counter-Terrorism Conference, 2015, organised by India Foundation in association with Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, was held in Jaipur.

2-Delhi has declared ‘house sparrow’ as its State bird

3-The book Indian Parliamentary Diplomacy-Speaker’s Perspective has been written by Meira Kumar

4-Famous personality ‘Lia van Leer’ has passed away recently. She was  the pioneer of Israeli cinema

5-M. Veerappa Moily has written the book Shree Ramayana Mahanveshanam

6-‘Solar Impulse 2’ is a Solar-powered plane

7-‘Jan Rath’ is a name given to low-cost AC bus service started by Uttar Pradesh government

8-Uttar Pradesh government has recently decided to celebrate 2015-16 as Kisan Year

9-The largest share of revenue of Uttar Pradesh government comes from trade tax

10- The logo of ‘Make in India’ programme is Lion

11-Which one of the following groups of compounds is called ‘accessory dietary factor ’? -Vitamins

12-The gas used for inflating the tyres of aeroplanes, is nitrogen

13-‘Red ink’ is prepared from eosin

14-Percentagewise which gas is the most abundant in the atmosphere ?- Nitrogen

15- Cow milk is yellowish white-in colour due to the presence of casein

16-Dara Shikoh was given the title of ‘Shah Buland Iqbal’ by Shahjahan

17-‘Saptaparni Cave’ is situated in Rajgriha

18-‘Gopatha Brahmana’ is associated with Atharvaveda

19- Originally, the Mahabharata was known as Jayasamhita

20-Vallabhi University was situated in Gujarat

21-The largest and the most evolved rock-cut Chaitya hall of the Hinayana phase is situated at Karle

22-In Lord Chelmsford Viceroyalty, the ‘Rowlatt Act’ was passed.

23-Boycott of British goods was adopted as a national policy in 1905

24-The headquarters of the Ghadar Party was in San Francisco

25-The strategy of ‘Divide and Rule’ was adopted by Lord Curzon

26-Dadabhai Naoroji is known by the title of ‘The Grand Old Man’

27-Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of  Indian Constituent Assembly

28-Newly adopted tricolour flag of freedom first hoisted on December 31, 1929

29-The Sarkaria Commission was set-up for reviewing the relations between the Centre and States

30-‘Judicial Activism’ in India is related to  public interest petition.

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