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Indian Polity and Constitution facts –

* The first statute for the governance of India, under the direct rule of the British Government, was the Government of India Act, 1858.

*The Christian Missionaries were allowed to spread their religion in India, under the Act – Charter Act of 1813.

* Under Regulating Act of 1773, The Governance of East India Company was put under British parliamentary control.Under the same act, a supreme court in Calcutta has been set up and the Governor of Bengal was nominated as Governor General for Calcutta, Bombay and Madras.

*Constitution of India came into effect from 26 January, 1950.

*Constitution of India was adopted by constituent assembly on 26 November, 1949.

*Charter Act of 1793 is associated with ‘Courts can interpret the rules and regulations’.

*Under Government of India Act, 1892, the councils were having a power to discuss the budget and addressing questions to the executive.

*Government of India Act, 1915 was passed to consolidate the provisions of the preceding Government of India Acts .

*For the first time Indian Legislature was made “Bi-cameral” under Government of India Act, 1919.

*Government of India Act, 1935 divides legislative powers between the Centre and Provinces.

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