Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations

Thank You for landing the Geography section page.

 Maximum questions come from Geography portion in different competitive exams.

Here are some important Geography one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Geography Bits below.

1-An important reason for soil erosion is-
1- Floods
2-Lack of rainfall.
3-Lack of irrigation facilities.
4-Late setting in of the monsoon.

2- Laterite soils are suitable to grow-
1- Wheat, Rice and Rubber.
2-Coffee, Rubber and Tea.
3-Jute, Maize and Millets.
4-Pulses, Tea and Sugarcane.

3- One of the evil effect of soil erosion is
1- Depositing of sand.
2-Decrease in the area of deserts.
3- Silting of river reservoirs.
4-Occurrence of floods.

4- A big scheme which is meant for preventing soil erosion is
1-Control of cattle grazing.
2-Contour bunding.
3-Shifting cultivation.
4- Diversion of water.

5- Most of the Agricultural wealth in India is coming from-
1-Red soils.
2-Mountain soils.
3-Laterite soils.
4-Agricultural Soils.

6-In India population pressure is more on
1-Trade sector.
2- Bank sector.
3-Industrial sector.
4-Agricultural sector.

7-The state that has a problem of rill erosion is
1-Uttar Pradesh.

8- The state that has sheet erosion is
1-Tamil Nadu
2-Jammu and Kashmir.

9- Soil Erosion means-
1- Providing irrigation facilities.
2-Conservation of fertile soils.
3-Decrease in the productivity of the soil.
4- Eroding of the top layers of the soil.

10- The great civilizations flourished in the areas having
1-Black soils.
2-Mountain soils.
3-Alluvial soils
4-Red soils.

11- The soils that are suitable for the cultivation of millets and maize are
1- Red soils.
2-Desert soils.
3-Black soils.
4-Alluvial soils.

12- The soils that are suitable for orchards and tree plantations are
1-Black soils.
2-Mountain soils.
3-Red soils.
4-Desert soils.

13-Soil erosion caused by winds is high in the state of-
1-Andhra Pradesh.
3-Madhya Pradesh.

14- The soils in delta regions are-
1-Laterite soils.
2-Alluvial soils.
3-Black soils.
4-Red soils.

15-Black soils are suitable for
1- Wheat.


1- Floods
2-Coffee, Rubber, and Tea.
3-Silting of river reservoirs.
4-Contour bunding.
5-Mountain soils.
6-Agricultural sector.
7-Uttar Pradesh.
8- Asom(Assam)
9-Eroding of the top layers of the soil.

10-Alluvial soils
11-Desert soils.
12-Mountain soils.
14-Alluvial soils.

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