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1- All hot deserts of the world are in western parts, because they are in rain shadow areas.

 2- If valley glaciers in their course of erosion meet with sea-coast, then they form Fiord coast.

 3- The largest pork producer in world is China.

 4-  Nomadic herders Badouins are habitats in Hammad and Nefud deserts of Arab.

 5- Roaring forties, furious fifties and shrieking sixties are Westerlies in southern hemisphere.

 6- Sun’s rays can make right angle only up to 23 1 / 2° N and S latitudes because Earth is inclined at an angle of 66 1/ 2° on its axis.

 7- The largest mica producing state of India is Rajasthan (51%).

 8-Karst region is located in Serbia and Montenegro.

 9- Oceanic salinity is highest in 15°N–50°N Latitudes.

10- Leading producers of Rubber in the world are Thailand and Malaysia.

11- ‘Doggar Banks’ known for fishing is located in North sea.

12- Innuits is inhabitants of Tundra region.

13-‘Hammada’ is a flat bare rock plateau in the desert region of Libya.

14- The maximum deflection of winds due to Coriolis force is maximum at Poles.

15- The highest peak on Chota Nagpur plateau is Parasnath.

16-Generally the three races which are considered as major by Anthropologists are Caucasoid, Mongoloid & Negroid.

17-Outwash plain formation is an example of Glaciofluvial Deposits.

18-Aravalli is the oldest mountain range of India .

19-Only primary waves seismic waves pass through solid, liquid and gaseous.

20-Surface currents in the ocean are primarily caused by Coriolis Effect.


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