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1- Potato was introduced to Europe by Spanish

2-What is a Cloudburst ? – It refers to sudden and copious rainfall over a small area which often lasts for only a few minutes

3-Who was the only Lok Sabha speaker also became the President of India?
Answer: Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.

4-Who is the first CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) of Independent India?
Answer: V. Narahari Rao.

5-.National Film Archives of India (NFAI) is located at ?
Answer: Pune.

6-What is the full form of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad ?
Answer: NALSAR – National Academy of Legal Studies And Research.

7-Largest sports stadium in India?
Answer: Salt Lake stadium (Kolkata)

8-Who is the first Indian woman to enter the finals of an Olympic event?
Answer: P.T. Usha (Kerala) in 400m at Los Angeles Olympics.

9-What is the name of India’s first nuclear submarine?
Answer: INS Arihant.

10-Who is the first ever female wrestler to represent India at the Olympics?
Answer: Geeta Phogat (Haryana).

11-Who started Kuka Movement in 1840 – Guru Ram Singh

12-Who established TatvaBodhini Sabha – Devendra Nath Tagore

13-” Mulk-e-Kadim” was other name of which kingdom – Maratha Kingdom

14-Who established Dal Khalsa – Kapur Singh

15- From which mines Kohinoor Diamond was found – Golkunda

16-Who was the first to adopt Din-i-ilahi – Birbal

17-Which medieval book was written by Gulbadan Beghum – Humayunnama

18-In the second round table conference, who represented Congress – Mahatma Gandhi

19-Who was Tipu Sultan`s father – Hyder Ali

20-In which Indian city did Shivaji marry – Bangalore

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