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1-  Minicoy Island was formed due to Coral reef.

2-Pulicut Lake is an example of Lagoon.

3-Masai Tribe of East Africa has major occupation as Livestock Rearing.

4-Rhine River is most important in terms of Inland waterway.

5-Paper and Pulp Industry is developed in Shahdol and Nepanagar .

6-In marine trenches, the deepest trench is Mariana in Pacific Ocean.

7-Darwin believes that “all coral reefs were formed as fringing reefs and up growth was due to subsidence”.

8-In Madhya Pradesh, districts with high population of Gonds are Mandla – Balaghat – Chhindwara- Seoni.

9-The coral reef along east coast of Australia is an example of Barrier reef.

10-Tropical cyclones are more destructive than temperate cyclones, because Pressure gradient and rain are higher.

11-Denudation takes place in a limestone region is primarily by the process of Solution.

12-Exfoliation is Physical type of weathering.

13-Best example of acidic igneous rocks is Granite.

14-Bhils call their huts by the name   Fana or Koo

15-The highest number of Artesian wells in the world is in Australia.

16-Baba Gurgur area is known for Petroleum.

17-The largest share for world’s production of Tobacco comes from China.

18-The First Iron and Steel Industry in India was established at TISCO, Jamshedpur.

19-The term Ecosystem was firstly used by Tansley in 1935.

20-The Richter scale was developed by American C.F.Richter in 1935.

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