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1-Growth of Wool industry is mainly located in the states of Punjab, Maharashtra & Gujarat.

2-The main mineral based industry is Iron & Steel industry

3-Mysore Steel works or Visveswaraiah Iron & Steel works was established at Bhadravathi in 1923.

4-SAIL was set up in the year 1973.

5-Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited was set up in Ranchi in 1958.

6-Central Laboratory is in Calcutta

7-Forest Research Institute is in Dehradun

8- National Institute of Nutrition is in Hyderabad

9-All India Institute of Medical Sciences is in New Delhi

10-Central Tobacco Research Institute is in Rajahmundry

11-National Institute of Genetics is in Karnal

12-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute is in Nagpur

13-National Newsprint & Papers limited is in Nepanagar

14-Paper industry was highly developed in the State of West Bengal

15-The State which ranks 1st in the Sugar Industries – 1st Uttar Pradesh, 2nd Maharashtra

16-Nepanagar Paper industry was set up in Madhya Pradesh in 1995.

17-Indian Iron & Steel industry was established at Burnapur in 1919.

18-The oldest Iron & Steel Industry in India was TISCO

19-The biggest Iron & Steel industry in India is Bokaro Iron & Steel industry.

20-The only one Iron & Steel industry under the control of State Govt -Visveswaraiah Iron & Steel Industry

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