Biology -Production and management of food from plants

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Production and management of food from plants

1-The plants which are grown in large number to get useful products are known as crops.

2-The process of yielding crops is called Agriculture.

3-Winter season crops are called Rabi.

4-Summer season crops are called Kharif.

5-Rice is the prime, most essential and important staple crop.It is also called global grain.

6-Weeds are the unwanted plants grown in between cultivated plants.

7-Manure is nneded for healthy growth of the plants.Manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium etc.

8-The process of watering crop plants in the field is known as Irrigation.

9-Crops that takes 180 days and above for harvesting are called long term crops.

10-Crops that takes 100 days and below for harvesting are called short terms crops.

11-The crops grown in the rainy season are termed as Kharif.It starts from June to October.

12-The crops grown in the winter season are called Rabi.It starts from November to April.

13-Manure is of two types.
a) Natural Manure(Bio-fertilizers)
b)Artificial Manure (Chemical fertilizers)

14-Sprinklers and drip irrigation techniques are used in drought prone areas.

15-Weeding increases crop yielding.
2-4D-Dicloro Phenoxy acetic acid is used for removing dicot weeds.

16-Proper storage of grains reduce the damage of grain by bacteria, fungi, pests, rats etc.

17-Ploughing -The process which helps in loosening the soils and helps in easy transportation of water is called ploughing.

18- Plots-The process of division of Agricultural land into different segments is called ploting and that segment is called plot.

19-Levelling -The process used to level the soil is called levelling.

20-Sowing -The process of placing seeds in cultivated lands is called sowing.

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