Biology -Production and management of food from plants

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Production and management of food from plants(Continued)

1-Selection -The process of selecting desirable plants or seeds for future use is called selection.

2-Seed crisis -Lack of sufficient seeds for the future generation is called seed crisis.

3-Sprouting -The process of germination of seeds is known as sprouting or the process of production of new baby plant.

4-Broadcasting -It is a method of sowing seeds.In this, seeds are thrown at a random.

5-Seed dispersal -It is a mechnism to spread the seeds from one place to another place is called seed dispersal.

6-Seed drill- Seeds are sown through seed sowing device called seed drill.

7-Nursery plot -Seedlings are to be grown in special places called nursery beds or plots.

8-Pesticides -A substance used to kill pests is known as pesticide.

9-Paddy planter -An instrument used to plant seedlings or new baby plants in cultivated fields is called paddy planter.

10-Bio-Fertilizers -The fertilizer which is prepared by decomposed animal and plant waste are called Bio-Fertilizers.

11-Chemical fertilizers -The fertilizer which is prepared in factories with the combination of chemicals is called chemical fertilizer.

12-Irrigation-The process used to irrigate the field is called Irrigation.

13-Furrow Irrigation -In this plants will be an elevated ridge and there will be a furrow in between two adjacent rows of plants.

14-Surface or Basin irrigation-In this method, water is applied on the soil surface.

15-Weedicides -The chemicals used to kill weeds is known as weedicides.

16-Harvesting- Collecting grains from the crops by cutting the matured plant is called harvesting.

17-Threshing-The dry plants stocks are beaten on a hard surface to remove the grain is called threshing.

18-Winnowing :In this, grains are poured out of a basket or tray held high up the wind blows the chaff, dust and lighter seeds aside while the heavy grains are collected below.

19-Cold storage units-The place where very low temperatures are maintained to store vegetables , fruits for alonger time are called Cold storage units.

20-Godowns -The place where dried grains kept in jute bags and preserve them for longer time are called godowns.

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