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General Awareness

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1-Gelotology is the formal study of laughter and its effects on the body as a psychological and physiological phenomenon.

2-Popstars (1999), crated in New Zealand by Jonathan Dowling was the original commercial television programme which inspired American Idol, and who created it.

3-Diathesis name is given to the liability of members of certain families or races to suffer from certain diseases.

4-In the final Test match of his career, international cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan became the first bowler to take 800 Test wickets. He belongs to Sri Lanka.

5-What needs to be added to the sum of the first three prime numbers to equal the fifth?
Ans- 1. The first prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11. 1 is not a prime number. But it’s the same answer, even if it was.

6- Seiz Breur in Brittany – A network of artists -The title means “seven brothers” and refers to a Breton folk tale.

7-Who wrote “A Room With A View”, “Howard’s End” and “A Passage To India”?-E M Forster

8-In the southern hemisphere, when does the winter solstice occur?- June

9-Banjo instrument has a long neck and a round body of parchment stretched over a metal frame.

10-Delphinium is another name for the larkspur.

11-What is the name of the New Zealand national rugby team? -All Blacks

12-Peter Carey was the second author to be awarded the Booker Prize twice.
The first to be awarded the Booker Prize twice was J M Coetzee who won with “Life & Times of Michael K” in 1983, and again with “Disgrace” in 1999.

13-What musical term means “at walking pace”?-Andante

14-St Vitus’s Dance is the common name for Chorea, a disease characterised by irregular involuntary movements, commonly found in children.

15-Rhinitis is inflammation of the mucus membranes of Nose

16-Trajan, Titus, and Nerva were all -Emperors of Rome

17-Appaloosa is a type of horse.

18-Le cordon bleu is the world’s largest international hospitality education institution with 29 schools on 5 continents.

19-The Battle of Trafalgar is the Sea battle.

20-What was a Roman name for France?-Gallia

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