GK/General Awareness/G-Studies- One Liners

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General Awareness- One Liners



1- The inability of cow to normally calve due to postural abnormalities is called Distocia.

2-The type of farming in which income from a single source does not exceed more than 50 % is Diversified Farms.

3- The critical temperature for Indian cattle is 95 degree F.

4- The quantity of water required to produce one kg milk is 2-3 kg.

5-The phenomenon by which the progeny will exhibit extra vigour than the parents is called Heterosis.

6-Ovulation in cow occur 12-15 hours after the end of oestrus.

7- The longest phase of the oestrus cycle is called Dioestrum

8- The temperature of liquid nitrogen used for storing frozen semen is -196 degree Celsius.

9-The period from fertilization to parturition is called Period of gestation.

10-Colostrum has to be fed to the calf within half hour after birth.

11- The new method of identification of cattle is Cryo branding.

12- For converting a bull calf to bullock, castration has to be done at the age of 2-3 years.

13- Vitamins which are synthesized in the rumen are B complex Vitamin.

14-The thumb rule for feeding concentrate to cattle is 400 g/litre of milk.

15-The whiteness of the milk is contributed by Casein.

16-The average freezing point of milk is 0.55 degree Celsius.

17- The fat content of Butter should be 80%.

18- The fat content of standardized milk and toned milk is 4.5 and 3 %.

19-The normal temperature of cattle is 38.6 Degree Celsius.

20-The deficiency of A and D. vitamins leads to nutritional cause of infertility.

21-Test for mixing of crow and buffalo milk is Hensa test.

22-Brucellosis, Hemorrhagic septicaemis and Anthrax are bacterial diseases.

23- The acid that is added to coagulate milk to make Paneer is Citric Acid.

24- The aseptic packing technique under which milk can be kept at room temperature for many weeks is Tetra packing.

25-The average specific gravity of milk is 1.032.

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