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1.Who discovered the Polio Vaccine? –  Dr.Jonas salk
2.Gandhi was assassinated by whom? –  Nathurm Gadse
3.Who founded the Kalasthera of Adyar in  Tamil Nadu? –  Rukmini Devi Arundal
4.Which is the land of five rivers in India? –  Punjab
5.Which country is called the land of Mornig calm? –  Korea
6.Which city is called the city of Skyscrapers? –  New york
7.Who was son of sumitra,wife of Dasaratha? –  Laxman
8.Where did Gautama Buddha attain Nirvana? –  Kushi nagar
9.Which organs of flowering plants take in water? –  Roots
10.Which is the ph of distilled  water? –  7
11.Is it true that snakes have eye lids? –  No
12.How many digits does the pin code  consists of? –  6
13.Where is the sea of Tranquility locted? –  On the Moon
14.Who is the first Indian to go into space? –   Rakesh sharma
15.Who invented the  Refrigerator?-  J. Perkins
16.Who composed Vande Mataram? –   Bankim chandra chatarji
17.When did the Traveller Hawkins visit India? –  1608 A.D
18.Which city is called the city of Golden temple? –  Amritsar
19.When is Independece day celebrated in  South korea? –  15th  August
20.Where is diamond harbour  located? –  Calcutta
21.With what game is paul charles Morphy assocated? –  Chess
22.Who invented dynamite? –  Alfred Nobel
23.Which country is famous for  Samba dance? –  Brazil
24.From where did Jesus ascend  to heaven? –   Mount of olives 
25.which is the national flower of china? –   Narcissus
26.Who discovered Niagara falls? –  Louis Hennepin
27.Which acid is used in a car battery? –  Sulphuric acid 
28.Why is the Auxsnometer used? –  Measure growth of plants
29.What is the botanical name of the onion? –   Allium cepa
30.Who invented the steam engine? –  James Watt
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