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1.Which state is the largest producer of tea in India?-  Assam

2.When the speed of a moving object is doubled,its kinetic energy becomes – four times

3.The India Red cross society was established in the  year – 1920

4.The most widely used commercial programming computer language is – COBOL

5.Cattle bone powder is used as fertiliser as it is rich in – Phosphorus

6.The number of chromosomes of human beings is  –  46

7.Mercury is extracted from – cinnabar

8.Protiens are made of  – Amino acids

9.A light -sensitive compound used in photography is – Silver-bromide

10.Which one of the following items of food contains maximum roughage? – Banana

11.Which one of the following is not a mosquito brone disease? – Sleeping sickness

12.The “Bosten Tea Party” took place in – 1773

13.Which sikh guru was tortured  and killed on the directions of Aurangzeb? – Tej Bahadur

14.What is the duration of zero hour in the Lok Sabha? – 1 hour

15.Suns energy is  produced by – Nuclear fussion

16.Who were the first to establish trade links with India? – portuguese

17.The  constution of India was passed by the Consituent Assembly on – 26th november 1949

18.Who appoints the Attorney General of India? – President

19.Who was the President of the Consitutent Assembly of India? – DR.Rajedra prasad

20.The ‘Quit India’campaign was launched by the National Congress after the failure of – Crrips mission

21.Digestion of food  starts in the  – Mouth

22.A plant which stores food in the root is – Ginger

23.In the most flowers the most colourful part is the – Petal

24.A mixture of salt and camphor can be separeted by – Sublimation

25.Carbohydrates are present in  – Cane sugar

26.The densest liquid is – Mercury

27.Water stored in ahigh level dam has – Potentialenergy

28.The power of an electric bulb is marked in – Wattst

29.Tobacco plant makes nicotine in – The Leaves

30.In the human body,fertilisation takes place  – In the ovary

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