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       About TWO percent of the world’s water is solid

Life originally emerged from Water

        Water is the  most common compound on earth

Any substance that dissolve in the water vapour it absorbs is said to be ‘Deliquescent’

Less than how many percent of the world’s water is fresh water Three

HUMIDITY is the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is known as

Antoine Lavoiser, the french chemist who showed that water was a simple compound of              hydrogen and oxygen  

        A special type of hydrogen with an extra neutron in its nucleus is Deuterium

Henry Cavendish proved that water was a compound which included Hydrogen

        Heavy water can be extracted from ordinary water by the process of Distillation

In case of heavy water,oxygen combines with Deuterium

In every water molecule,there are how many hydrogen atoms and how many oxygen atoms Two,one

        Energy that is not doing anything but is simply stored for action is called Potential energy

Energy in the nucleus of an atom is called Nuclear energy

Water expands when it is Frozen

Oxygen condenses at a temperature of -183.c

SUN is the ultimate source of nearly all our energy

Two types of basic energy  are Potential energy,kinetic energy

Solar cells turn light energy from the sun into Electrical energy

        As per Daniel Bernoulli,whenever air moves,its pressure -Drops

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