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History -Important Points

1. The term Neolithic was first coined by Sir John Lubbock in 1865.

2. 10,000 – 4000 B.C. in pre-historic period of India is called Mesolithic Age

3 Microliths (tools made of stone) were first discovered by  Carlyle in 1867 .

4 Rock painting was a distinctive feature of which pre-historic period ? Mesolithic

5 The two prime occupations of Paleolithic age man were Hunting and Gathering

6 Who discovered a Paleolithic stone tool in India in 1863 Robert Bruce

7-       The Paleolithic man in India is also called Quartzite man

8-   What were the main characteristics of Neolithic age ?
      (a) Agricultural begining
      (b) Grinding and polishing of stone tools
      (c) Use of pottery
      (d) Domestication of animals

9-The term Neolithic was first coined by Sir John Lubbock in 1865.

10-The cereals that were first grown by the earliest man were Wheat and Ragi.

11-In ancient times several foreign tribes reached India through north-western mountain pass. Two such notable tribes were Kushanas and Huns.

12-In Madhya Pradesh maximum number of Prehistoric Rock Shelters are found at Bhimbetka.

13-An important Neolithic site of northwestern region is Mehrgarh.

14-The discovery of Neolithic age tools was made by Le Mesurier.

15-Pataliputra, modern Patna was provided natural defence by rivers namely the Ganges, Son and Gandak.

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