History One-Liners for various competitive examination

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History One-Liners for various competitive examination

Thank You for landing the History section page.

 Maximum questions come from this portion of different competitive exams.

Here are some important History one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Bits below. 

1-Who, was the Nanda ruler at the time of Alexander’s invasion? 

2- Which ruler was known as Amitraghata, the ‘destroyer of foes’? 

3-Who earned the title of a ‘Liberator’? 

4-Who was the British PM at the time of Revolt of 1857? 

5-Who was the first foreigner to invade India? 

6-Who deciphered Adhikansh Inscriptions for the first time? 

7-During which movement was ‘Mahatma’ added before Gandhiji’s name? 

8-The Gayatri Mantra contained in the Rigveda is dedicated to which deity? 

9-Who introduced Mansabdari system? 

10-Which Chola ruler converted the Bay of Bengal into a ‘Chela lake’?

11-Who is considered to be the father of Ayurveda? 

12-At which place did Mahatma Gandhi start his first Satyagraha in India? 

13-What was the script used in the earliest Tamil inscriptions? 

14-During which reign was Kalidasa lived? 

15-Who was the first governor of Portuguese in India? 

16- Who is the Father of local self-government in India? 

17-By whom was the city of Agra founded in 1504? 

18-By whom was the Indian Independence League set up? 

19- By whom was the practice of Sati was declared illegal? 

20-Which Mughal emperor’s tomb is outside India? 

21-Under which sultan, Chalisa land increased considerably? 

22-Which Rajput dynasties did not surrender to Akbar? 

23-From where Sufi movement was started? 

24-Which was the God of the animal during the later Vedic period? 

25- Which ruler at first assumed the title of ‘Hazrat-i-Ala’ and afterwards ‘Sultan’?


1-Dhana Nanda

2- Bindusara

3- Ashoka

4- Lord Palmerston

5- Darius I

6- James Prinsep

7- Champaran

8- Savitri

9- Akbar

10- Rajendra I

11- Charaka

12- Champaran

13- Brahmi

14- Chandragupta II

15-  De Almeida

16- Lord Ripon

17- Sikandar Lodhi

18- Rasbihari Bose

19- Lord William Bentinck

20-  Jahangir

21-  Alauddin Khilji

22- Sisodiya

23- Persia

24- Rudra

25-  Sher Shah Suri

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