Physics one liners for various competitive examinations

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Physics one-liners for various competitive examinations

Welcome to the Physics Section page.

We know the importance of general awareness, GK (General Knowledge) in various competitive exams for aspirants.

We are publishing general awareness notes and study material on various subjects daily.

These Physics notes are extremely useful for all exams including Bank Exams.

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1-Weightlessness experienced in a spaceship is due to___?

2- Which instrument is used to measure the change in volume of substances?

3- Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircraft?

4-Who gave the first experimental value of G?

5-The image formed by the convex lens in a simple microscope is__.

6-Force of attraction between the molecules of different substances is called___?

7-Insects can move on the surface of water without sinking due to___.

8-Sudden fall in the barometer is indication of___?

9-The temperature of the sun is measured with ___.

10-What is the working principle of the Washing machine?

11-Coolis tube is used to produce___?

12-What apparatus is used to locate a submerged object?

13-What is the unit of magnetic flux?

14-In summer, the mirages are seen due to the phenomenon of __?

15-Astigmatism can be corrected by__?

16-Distance of stars are measured in___?

17-The total internal reflection can occur when light passes from___.

18-What is the SI unit of luminous intensity?

19-Pure water freezes at what temperature?

20-What type of lens is a magnifying glass?

21-A fast wind can turn the blades of a windmill because it possesses__.

22-Nature of the sound wave is ____?

23-What is the name of short duration wave?

24-In which medium sound travels faster?

25-If the temperature inside a room is increased, the relative humidity will?


1-Absence of Gravity
5-Virtual & Erect
6-Adhesive Force
7- Surface tension of water
13- Maxwell
14-Total Internal Reflection
15-Cylindrical lenses
16-Light Years
17-Denser to Rarer medium
19-32 F
20-Convex lens
21-Potential Energy
25- Decrease

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