History -Exam Special

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1-Jain temples in khajuraaho were built by Chandells

2-Gautam Buddha is called light of Asia

3- Magasthaneej wrote Indica

4-Ashoka sent his son Mahender for spreading budh dharam to Srilanka

5-Capital of Shivaji was Raigarh

6- List of Governor Generals of India are as follows-

Lord william Bentinck (1828-1835)

Lord Dalhousie (1848-1856)

Lord Canning (1856-1862)

Lord Mayo (1869-1872)

Lord Lytton (1876-1880)

Lord Ripon (1380-1884)

Lord Minto (1905-1910)

Lord Hardinge (1910-1916)

Lord Chelmsford (1116-1921)

Lord Reading (1921-1926)

Lord Iraon (1926-1931)

Lord Willingdon (1931-1936)

Lord Linlithgow (1936-1944)

Lord Wavell (1944-1947)

Lord Mounthatten (March 1947-August 1947)

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